Why You Need To Eat Home Cooking

Cooking at home is something we are increasingly neglecting. Nevertheless, it is something very important in terms of health and family relationships. Follow these tips to cook at home more often! 

Eating your own food is no longer a common thing and it is being replaced by eating or packing food from a diner or just ordering through a phone app. Know that studies show eating home cooking is better in terms of food quality and body BMI care. It is also definitely more economical.

So, I collected tips that we can use to motivate ourselves to cook and eat at home more often. It is also a major step for us to eat healthier and subsequently adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Tip 1: Start With A Recipe That Is Easy To Cook

If you do a search on the internet, you will surely find many recipes that are healthy and easy to prepare.

You can also try recipes that are under 15 minutes and don’t need many steps like baked recipes in the oven or one pot recipes.

Starting a new habit should start with simple things first, then when it is familiar, then we improve the practice.

So, if you are not someone who is used to cooking (not everyone has confidence in the kitchen, yes) find easy recipes first and start getting used to it.

Check out this Chicken Mango Salsa or this Roasted Vegetable recipe. It’s delicious, healthy and most importantly people who aren’t good at pub cooking can make it.

Adam’s people don’t need to feel awkward in the kitchen. But as far as I know, there are many men who like to cook, including me.

Tip 2: Don’t Compare Home -Cooked Food With Pictures Of Food On Social Media.

The second home cooking tip is that we don’t have to be great like chefs to start cooking at home.

We also don’t need to cook something and need beautiful plating like you see on social media.

The important thing is you cook from fresh ingredients and it is healthy. That’s enough.

Not everyone has time to do plating art. Not pretty is not necessarily not tasty.

For example, if I make this Matcha Overnight Oats recipe, my plating doesn’t need to arrange the fruit and beans beautifully.

The reason is that I want to eat quickly before going to work or before exercising.

But if you do have time, what’s wrong. Arrange beautifully and upload on instagram. Many followers like to look at pictures of food.

Tip 3: Learn To Cook What You Love.

If you have some menus you like to eat that were only available from previous eateries.

Salmon grill, caesar salad or chicken chop for example. No need to wait to go to the new restaurant to eat. Therefore, the third home cooking tips is that we can learn to cook the menu at home and when you want to eat, you can continue to cook.

No need to buy from the store. The important thing is that it encourages us to cook at home. Usually what we cook again tastes good, right? The menu recipe is not difficult either. Anyone can set it up. Maybe to be an expert we have to try once or twice.

The important thing is to try!

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