Why Get A Condo In The City

Sipping on the last bit of coffee as the city comes to life in the early dawn from the 29th floor, is one of the many joys of living in a condo. Chances are you have lived this amazing city experience or had the chance to see it happen as you lived in the city. But as amazing as a bathroom overlooking the skylines of Malaysia sounds, is a condo a right move for you? Growing up if you have always imagined living in a house with a big backyard, a condo might be the last move you were willing to make. But even condos have their perks that are undeniable. Especially if you live in the city. 

Condo lifestyles are incredibly different from your big home life. They are privately owned, exclusive individual units that are found in a pool of other condos. Gyms, parks, spaces are commonly owned by all of them and have the chance to keep it all to themselves in the condominium area. Many who choose to live in condos happen to be single or a couple without a family. But this has been changing over the years as more families make their shift to get the best out of the city life. Condominiums are rising even on the outskirts of the city and towns so maybe it is our time to consider the advantages of choosing one! Imagine waking in a large condo overlooking the lush greenery and cliffs surrounding Batu Caves

They Are Cheap 

Condos are chosen and favored by many because they are so much cheaper than buying a full-fledged home. This is the reason why so many couples without large families choose to invest in a condo as their first home. Renting for years in a condo can get incredibly expensive hence an investment to buy one is not as crazy or intimidating as one might think! It’s better to buy than rent if you have enough income for the investment.

Much More Simple Than Owning A House 

Another point of attractiveness is the simplicity. You don’t have to decorate or build the condo. Nor do you have to do much repairments or management as the condominium management will take care of such nuisances. It is also much simpler since we can always travel around the world and still have the luxury of having the condo. Your only burden is the interior of the home. Not some overgrown bushes in your backyard or heavy flood coming into the house. 

A Big Community Life 

A condominium is also the perfect place to experience a sense of community. Everyone shares common spaces like the pool and the gym in the Batu Caves condos. Familiarity begins to build, and people become friends. There is helpfulness, reliability, and kindness in every corner.

Close To All Amenities

If you need a candy bar in the middle of the night or a huge ice cream tub at 4AM, the condo has it all! Shops do remain open even into midnight in some condos and malls tend to be close by. Besides amenities, other important centres such as our work place, banks, ATMs all remain in close proximity. 

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