What You Can Do In Your Lockdown Spare Time

Now that MCO has extended for another two weeks, we’ve all got a minute or two to spare and wonder what we are going to do in our spare time. In the first MCO, baking and dalgona coffee was all the craze. Every home smelt like bread because no-one can seem to find any in stores. This MCO we would like to make sure you’ve got a better grasp on your time and what you can make out of it. We’ve put together several ways you could spend your time this MCO while having fun. Here is what you can do in your spare time whilst in lockdown.

First of all, have you considered making your house look better? During the quarantine, there have been reports of a higher number of purchases for household furniture and other items. This goes to show that some of us have not thought about how our house looked like before the lockdown and were very bothered by it during the lockdown. Take up a challenge and make sure you make your house looking better than before.  Your home is the place you live so you must ensure it looks and feels comfortable.

Next, you can do some fun activities with your family. Pick up a video camera and shoot some fun family videos or even better make some content for YouTube. If you’re not all that interested in video cameras you can even post a story or two in blogs. You can redesign your website design Malaysia and make sure it’s on point. You can even add your own photos to your blog and ask your friends and family to rate it. This way you’re making a family photo album using your blog whilst being in lockdown. Your future children and grandchildren can have access to these too. To boost your views you can even go to social media and marketing in malaysia for more traffic

If you have Netflix, you’re in for good news. Netflix has released many blockbusters that have reached high ratings such as The Queen’s Gambit as well as many classics such as The Godfather. If you and your family and movie lovers, it’s time to shift your living room into a movie room. Get some blind curtains, some popcorn and soda and you’re good to have a movie weekend in your living room. Throw some pillows on the couch and lay out your blankets. Non-stop movies for the next 3 days is the kind of movie weekend anyone should have.

If you’re not all about movies, you still have the option to host game night. Do you own that Monopoly board game you and your family members played years ago, well pull that board up and start playing. Monopoly is one of those games you can never seem to end and it usually doesn’t end very well. Although the money is paper, the feeling is real. You can also play other harmless games such as Ludo or snack and ladders. If you wish for a longer game duration, try playing a new board game. The fun never ends in a board game.

Lockdown can seem like a stressful time for many and perhaps even for yourself. To ensure your mental and physical health remains at a good point, you should take up on our suggestions and spend some time with your family members. Who knows maybe you’ll grow to like these suggestions more than you can imagine? 

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