Tupperware – Durable Family Food and Beverage Products

Tupperware is well known for its food and beverage products made of plastic. This product is quite famous in the world and in Indonesia and answers the need for food and beverage storage containers for your daily needs.

Recommended Tupperware Products for Various Home Needs

If you are confused about which product to choose for Kitchen storage ideas after looking at the Tupperware catalog, here are product recommendations from iPrice that you can choose:

1. Jar Mosaic Canister

Do you often buy snacks such as cookies or crackers? Then you can try the Mosaic Canister ( Tupperware jar ) which is equipped with a one touch seal that makes it easy to close the jar by pressing it in the middle of the seal . In addition, this one jar is air tight so it ensures that the crispness of the food lasts longer. This Mosaic Canister storage mode is also stackable, so it saves space and doesn’t fall easily.

2. Tupperware Lunch Set

This brand has various kinds of Lunch Sets, including X-Treme Meal Box, Cool Teen, At Lunch Box, Click To Go Rectangular, and various other Lunch Set options. This Lunch Set is not just a place to eat, some are in a package with a drinking bottle, cutlery, and bag and some are only equipped with a bag. Even some of these places to eat are microwavable so they are safe to use as containers when warming food in the microwave. The more complete, the higher the Tupperware price offered.

3. Tupperware Eco Bottle 500mL

The Eco Bottle drinking bottle helps you meet your daily fluid needs. This drinking bottle has a liquid tight function so it doesn’t leak easily when carried in a bag. In addition, for added safety, this Eco Bottle is equipped with an anti-spill screw cap. The shape of this Eco Bottle is slim and ergonomic so it is comfortable to hold. The transparent bottle also makes it easy for you to see the contents of the water inside.

4. Tupperware Summer Fresh

Summer Fresh series is a food container with bright colors. This collection has an air tight function so food stays healthy inside. There is a tab on the seal for easy opening of food containers. Summer Fresh is also stackable so it is sturdy when stacked and saves space when stored in the refrigerator or storage area. Available in four color choices, namely orange, turquoise, purple, and yellow.

5. Tupperware Quick Chef

Tired of processing spices because of the long process? Then Quick Chef can help you. With 3 sharp blades for cutting, stirrer for mixing food, the process of preparing food is shorter. This Quick Chef form is like a food processor but without electricity so it saves energy. In addition, this tool is easy to disassemble and install. It’s easy to use, simply by turning the handle.

6. Tupperware Frosty Blue Collection

If you need equipment to store various types of food, you can buy the Frosty Blue Collection, which is a set of food container equipment. This product is very safe, does not take up a lot of space and can be used for food storage in the refrigerator. A set of Frosty Blue Collection contains 7 boxes or 7 containers so that it makes you save more.

7. Tupperware Small Summer Fresh

This product is made in the form of sets and there are 4 boxes or containers in each set with various colors available. This container is very practical to use for storing food and snacks. So you don’t have to worry about storing and carrying food and snacks. In addition to a set of food containers, there is also a drink or bottle holder in a set so that it makes you save more.

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