Top 4 Blogging Platforms To Use For Your Brand

Top 4 Blogging Platforms To Use For Your Brand

You are building your own brand and you need the best platform to market your products.

Here are the top 6 blogging platforms you should use to expand our business reputation:


Wix is hands down the best website builder among other blogging platforms. It only provides easy tools, vast range of templates, and is as great as WordPress in the best blog platform category. What makes it better for those who use Wix is that it has a simple mechanic where it requires less energy to customize the web page of your template choice with their drag-and-drop editor. Hence, you can even finish up your blog in a matter of hours just by adding the basic features like social tools, likes, comments, hashtags, categories and subscriber forms. Moreover, it has a built in analytics and SEO built too!


Popularity and customer-satisfaction wise, WordPress is the way to go for your brand. The famous blog platform offers a basic blog hosting service. Unless you would like to pump up your website, you can purchase additional options such as customizing your domain name, additional storages, built in SEO and other premium services. WordPress has been around the internet for years (since 2005) with a goal for a larger audience, which is a great advantage for your business brand. No setup is required, simple to use and manage and complete free! WordPress is one stop shop for bloggers to create a good blogging site.


Are you up for minimalism? Medium is a blogging platform that prioritizes the craft of niche content for readers to settle down and read without any complicated designs. Just like its name, it is humble in appearance, however at the same time, the contents are thought-provoking, mind boggling and many more contents which draw audiences to its high ceiling of virality. In the world of business, you need these viral situations to market your brand. Also, Medium provides reading time where you can juggle between what is too long and what is too short for the readers. To publish your posts is super simple too – you can get a glimpse of how your Medium blog will look like when your entry or post is published. This is where you can examine if the visual and content is satisfactory for you.


You’ve heard of Squarespace almost everywhere. From Youtube to ads, you would think it was just a learning medium. But actually, it may be beneficial to you. branding companies malaysia is a website building service which allows you to design your blog according to your freedom of creativity. It is one of the best platforms for small business owners who would like an effortless method for online presence. Just like Wix, Squarespace uses drag-and-drop tools.

If you are looking for more professional help, you can pursue any branding company which provides services that can make your brand, website and SEO all up on the first page of Google to expand your business. With this approach, your brand will be guaranteed to be big and out to the world.

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