Things To Know About ALPHA IT

What should you know about ALPHA It technologies?

The technology is well known for it’s IT purposes. A small brief introduction into how this company came into existence. This company was first founded in Malaysia at the year of  2013 by the ALPHA Support Group ( M) Sdn Bhd. In that year, the company hired people who specialized in the IT field with bringing in different skilled types of people who are still related to the field. The company holds on to employees who expertise from a variety of It fields in order to deliver better performance for users like us. This is also one of the companies ways in tackling the IT related issues with the help of their employer. This company is known for its outsourcing IT services in Malaysia

Outsourcing IT services malaysia

What does the ALPHA IT Technologies experience at?

The company has two main fields that they specialize in, which is the Alpha Cloud Storage as well as the Alpha Backup System.

Alpha Cloud Storage.

ALPHA It Technologies specialize in cloud storing programs. Well, if you don’t know what cloud storage means, let me explain it to you. Cloud storage is a process where computers, or even Pc’s store their data in. This cloud will actually help users to save any kind of their documents which is called as data to store in the cloud. This will prevent other people beside the user from accessing it. Alpha Cloud Storage, is well known for its end to end encryption data protection. So, with this cloud storage, users now can save any of their personal information without any worries. The Alpha Cloud Storage is also now available to cellular devices as well, so it means whatever the users save in his or her laptop or personal computers through cloud can be accessed at any time and anywhere by providing us more security

ALPHA Backup System.

On the other hand, the ALPHA Backup System is also one of their successful programs too. The backup system works as a backup server which not only saves the users data but along with the system’s condition as well. The backup system also prevents viruses or any kind of attack from happening especially by providing ransomware protection to the overall computer’s data including the users as well. This will help to prevent the continuity of disaster from happening such as data being deleted. 

Furthermore, the ALPHA It Technology is known for its other works such as repairing cellular devices such as handphones. The company specialize in i phones and i pad only. And if so, you are an android user, and happen to know any iphone users that need help with phone’s screen protector, camera, battery problem, even broken front screen, are kindly welcomed to go and check out the service that the company has yet to provide.

Lastly, the Alpha It Technology has established itself in the it field by proving it’s wonderful service to it’s customers and also users/ if you are interested in knowing more about them, then try following them at their official site

 Outsourcing IT services malaysia
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