Spotify Is One Of The Best Music Playing Web And App.

Remember when you were kids, and you went to the cassettes and CD shops to buy your favorite music because the radio is not playing for enough time, or at least for your satisfaction sake? Well, ever since the rise of the internet, things have become more convenient, you can hear the songs online on youtube and download the mp3 versions, iTunes was expensive so we convert youtube to youtube mp3 and download. But even then, nowadays music has become even more convenient to us. It came from applications, like Spotify, Shazam, and JOOX. 

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Spotify is one of the best and also well known because it was one of the first few apps that did this web and app playing music. You don’t even need to download music and songs and waste your memory space on your device, you can just go to the app and play it. Of course, everything has a price, right?  Spotify has its free package where you are unable to choose or arrange your music lists and sometimes, has advertisements. The advertisements usually take a minute or so, but it can get quite irritating the number of ads you will listen to once and before you listen to your favorite song. The premium package anyways has no advertisements, it’s affordable and you can even share your package with your friends and family if you find it expensive to pay. The premium package also allows you to select unlimited songs and you can play your playlist or a specific song on repeat.

Spotify has all kinds of genres of music and songs even your local country songs and has podcasts. Due to the variety of selection and choices people have on this application, many have found Spotify has a comfortable application. 

The way Spotify even came to the spotlight actually took them a while because back then around 2010 people had no idea of Spotify or even what it was. Well everyone was afraid of downloading the wrong thing and making their computer and PC change. And many just prefer youtube because there was no wireless internet back in the days. But once 2015 hits and everyone was having smartphones, it didn’t take Spotify that much longer before it came to fame. 
Malaysians nowadays have many options when it comes to playing their favorites, not just Spotify, but there are brand new web designs in Malaysia created specifically to play music, podcasts, and even soundtracks, even for free, but yet some still do prefer Spotify because of its service and its efficiency when comes to having the songs you need. Even celebrities use Spotify to upload and launch their music.

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