Reasons Why Malaysia Is Lagging So Far Behind Compared To Its Neighbouring Counterparts?

Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the most highly frequented tourist spots favored by thousands and millions of hodophiles worldwide. The reason being its precise diversity thus multiple cultural values tourists get to experience compared to other homogenous countries whose customs and traditions are nowhere distinguishable. To put this into perspective, there are multiple races coexisting, the largest three ethnic groups namely the Malays, Chinese, and Indians; along with those residing in East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah) including but not limited to Kadazandusun, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu, Melanau, so on and so forth. Consequently, with every individual ethnicity practicing and bringing in their cultural values, therefore, integrating them with that of their counterparts over time, making up what the world refers to as the nation of diversity. As astonishing as it may sound to outsiders, the element of diversity does not lead the country to flourish, rather, it significantly drags it down to the hole of turmoil. Citizens though are entirely innocent of this phenomenon, the never-ending political game played by multiple ignorant self-entitled seniors instead of promoting segregation between this very supposedly harmonious diverse nation. 

Religion Over Anything Else

Whilst upholding a belief and having a divine leader to seek comfort from in times of hopelessness provide us with the sense of security we demand, it is about time we acknowledge how the name of religion has been terribly exploited in Malaysia. Being religiously affiliated is unquestionably harmless provided you are not practicing it at the expense of others who do not consent to uphold the same set of beliefs as you do, and that is when indoctrination takes place. One prominent instance would be the selfish intention of the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) who has since been going all out to gain full governance of the country to strengthen unity between Malay-Malaysians to protect the “special treatment” bestowed upon them by birth. Rather than striving to cultivate harmony amongst citizens of diverse ethnicities and races, PAS completely disregards the presence of non-muslims and forcing beliefs on others. Though there, fortunately, exist many Muslims who do not condone this sort of narcissism, PAS has gained a significant number of religious extremists loyal enough to support their movement. 
Once and for all, there is no harm in upholding religious beliefs, but when it comes to a point where one illogically prioritizes that over everything else, that every person may need to rethink his or her decision. The same concept is applicable to Malaysia where PAS never fails to intervene with major events by bringing in atrocious religious values through the involvement of non-muslims. This is one aspect making Malaysia so investor-unfriendly; if you were to bring in religion every time you attempt an undertaking, you might as well not do it in the first place. Investors seek locales free enough to execute plans of their intent without the intervention of religions. If Malaysia is not capable of that, they fail to gain the trust of foreign investors. Even industry is world-renowned as oil and gas malaysia may risk facing financial tragedy if policies are too religiously oriented for foreign investors to invest in.

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