Prons and Cons of Buying a House in Gombak

Gombak is an administrative district located in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. The district was created on 1st February 1994 the day when Kuala Lumpur was declared as a federal territory. If you are planning to get any Gombak apartment or any Condo for sale in Gombak and are confused in making your decision. Then there is no need to worry. Because in today’s article we will make your decision easier by mentioning some of the pros and cons of buying a house in Gombak. 

Advantages of buying a house in Gombak:                                            

  • Easily reach the capital of Malaysia: The distance between Kuala Lumpur and Gombak is 16 kilometers. One can roughly spend 20 mins to reach the capital of the country. Both Kuala Lumpur and Gombak are situated in the same Klang valley.
  • Tourist spot: Each year tons of tourists move towards Gombak and adopt Gombak condo for sale for their stay. There are many tourist spots in Gombak like Batu Caves, forest research institute Malaysia, the national zoo of Malaysia, and so on.
  • Education: In Gombak, the main campus of International Islamic University is also situated. For this purpose, many international students used to live in Gombak and explore the true beauty of Gombak.
  • Transportation: You can go from one place to another by public transport by means of a rail or a bus on cheap fare instead of wasting a lot of money on the fuel of your personal vehicle. 
  • Weather: The weather in Gombak remains pleasant entire the year, not very cold or nor very hot. It is bearable by every Kind of people.
  • Freedom and Peaceful life: Gombak could be a peaceful area and calmness is everywhere. Everyone is busy with their work. Everyone used to mind their own business. You can easily live your life in Gombak on free freedom without being interfering with by other people. If you would like to know more, click here to know why you should settle in Kuala Lumpur.

Disadvantages of buying a house in Gombak                                

There are few disadvantages of living in Gombak which are given below.                                                                                                                     

  • Difficult to do business: Gombak was a town before it becomes a district. Many traders and businessmen face a little problem with starting a business here. Because of the lack of knowledge and less information.                                                    
  • Poor road connection: The infrastructure system is not comfortable although it is a bad thing this thing is now considered by the govt of Malaysia and they are planning to improve the conditions of the road. This issue will be resolved soon.                                                                                                    
  • Poor internet connection: The use of the internet is all over the world. But in Gombak, you face a little internet problem sometimes.                                                                                 


There are a few disadvantages which should be noted before buying a house in Malaysia. But these demerits are rapidly decreasing because of advancement in the Gombak area. The district was created on 1st February 1994 and after only three decades, Gombak is ready to live a comfortable life. Planning to buy a house in Gombak is a wise decision now because it will benefit you a lot in the future

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