Is Your Husband Cheating on You?

Cheating in Relationships

The thought that your husband might be cheating on you is quite frustrating. However, you can’t just close your eyes on this even if you know that you will be tremendously hurt once your doubts will be confirmed. After all, we are talking about the man who promised to love you till death do you part and the journey of many years filled with lot of memories. We are talking about the father of your children. But then again, if he is really cheating, I think things should be done. 

But how will you confirm if he cheating or not? The following pointers might be able to assist you the sign that your husband is cheating on you.

Is He Cheating On You?

Check this out:

  • He is more attentive to his appearance. If he is not that concern about his appearance before and he is right now, like he is always working out, buying new clothes with different design to wear and so on, chances are he wants to look great for someone. Well, this can be for you, but this can also be for another. You should know this yourself. 
  • Their phones are their favorite tool, or any computer and they are quite secretive. You cannot read the messages they exchange as they deleted them every time. Their phones are always in their pocket or somewhere you can’t find. It is as if there is something in it no other person must know. 
  • There are periods where you cannot reach him. His phone will just keep on ringing, or may it is off. He is full of excuses like he is on a meeting, he is in a dead zone area and so on. Yes, such situations are quite suspicious especially if he is always planning for a business trip and you can’t even reach him. 
  • Your sex activities start to change like he is either less or more active. It could be that he is not interested in you or he is trying to cover up something. There might be times when he will introduce new positions as that is what he learned from the other girl. 
  • He is hostile towards you like he is starting to judge you and is always criticizing you attire such as the hijab you wore no longer attractive to him. It seems that you always do wrong. What used to be okay before is not in his eyes anymore. This is because he is trying to justify his infidelity. He dumps the blame on you like because you don’t look good anymore and you are not a good wife. When your husband is starting to be like this, there is a good chance he has a mistress somewhere. 
  • He suddenly has schedule changes. Like for example when before, he never worked late but now it becomes more frequent, and he suddenly has other new activities, chances are he is with the other woman. He might start to give you so many excuses like traffic jams, flat tires, and so on. This is definitely worth checking if he is really in the place, he claims he is. There is also a good chance he will start to be less functional like he forgets to take the kids, or he forgets special occasions when he never does such things before. 
  • You notice that some of your friends are starting to avoid you. It seems that they are uncomfortable when you are around, and they don’t like talking about relationships anymore. The thing is, when a husband is cheating, it is usually the wife who will know last. Most of the time, the friends will right away know about it and thus they will start to feel uncomfortable being around you knowing they need to lie or cover up what they know.
  • You find that his credit cards have a lot of expenses you don’t know about. It seems that he has so many expenditures in which he always finds alibis about and you cannot even check on them. The thing is, when one is cheating, he certainly needs to spend more unless he will find a woman who is willing to use her own money which is quite unlikely. If you notice things like this, you should start to investigate so you can either put a stop in this or leave your husband for good. 
  • He starts to feel less intimate with you. Yes, it is usual that after years of living together, he will not be as passionate as he used to but that will be replace by emotional intimacy which developed through the years. However, if your man is not as interested about you anymore, there is a good chance that his focus is shifted to another woman. 

Aside from the situations mentioned above, there are still a lot of signs you will notice. Yes, being the wife of your husband for so many years already, you will be the first one to notice and if you start doing so, you should dig more and confirm tour suspicions. You cannot just let him be. You should act on it right away and decide whether you will leave him or forgive him, provided he will promise never to do such thing again. 

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