How to enter a medical school

universiti yang menwarkan bidang perubatan di malaysia

The medical school is one of the most popular educational institutions among applicants. Getting there is not easy, but possible. Read how to do this in our article.

There is a big competition among applicants to medical universities

How to enter a medical school in a targeted direction?

The easiest way to enter honey is in the targeted direction. Separate places on the budget are allocated for target groups, the competition for admission is also separate.

To get a referral, you need to submit an application to the health department at the place of registration between March 1 and June 10. Timing may vary depending on the region. The application must be accompanied by:

  • A copy of the passport of his or her parents (if not 18 years old);
  • A characterization from the school;
  • Certified extract from the report card with marks;

Documents confirming individual achievements.

You can also contact a specific medical organization. If they are interested in you, you will receive an application, which must also be submitted to the Department of Health. In different regions, the conditions for issuing a referral may differ. Check the website of your local department for information.

In case of a positive decision, an agreement will be concluded with you, according to which you will be obliged to work for distribution or in a specific medical organization for at least 3 years.

To enter a medical school, one desire is not enough. Begin intensive preparation for exams after the 9th grade. Pay special attention to specialized subjects. To increase your chances of admission, take part in academic competitions or enroll in a medical class after the 9th grade. If you are already in your senior year, take preparatory courses at the universiti yang menawarkan bidang perubatan di malaysia you want to enroll in.

universiti yang menwarkan bidang perubatan di malaysia

How to choose the right university?

The lives of most young people before they graduated from school were quite predictable. Many lived following the advice and guidance of parents, grandparents, girlfriends and friends.

After graduation, everything changed, and potential students faced the first serious choice, which university to apply to? 

Compiling a list of questions and answers will greatly facilitate the choice of an educational institution.

Areas of your future work?

Divide the areas of work into categories: mental, creative, and physical. If you like to work with your mind, then select more convenient subcategories using the method of exclusion: politics, science, education, economics, etc. And so you are not sure yet.

Personal qualities

Make a table in two columns, in the first write down your positive qualities, talents and abilities for future professional activity, in the second – what will be an obstacle to success. This will help you better understand your capabilities.

Prospects and choice of future work

Your future success in professional activity depends on whether you dream of career growth and the accumulation of financial resources or of a happy and harmonious family. Those who want to become a successful politician will find it difficult to combine this role with family comfort, and those who want to excel in acting do not need an engineering degree. Think about it.

The data obtained can be compared and you can start choosing a university where there is a profession that suits you, taking into account your answers and preferences.

A medical certificate is a document that contains a medical report and speaks about the patient’s ability to work, studies in the chosen specialization, whether the latter suffers from chronic dangerous diseases that can manifest themselves in the current field of activity and further harm health.

universiti yang menwarkan bidang perubatan di malaysia
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