Elevate Your Study Space Easily

There are lots of ways for parents to encourage their kids to be a better student such as being a leader by practicing a sense of responsibility. Parents also usually ask their kids to  listen to the teacher’s explanation and answer each question asked by the teacher. Last but not least, the perfect sentence that parents loved to use is don’t be shy to ask when they do not know anything. “You must always ask questions to the teacher if you do not understand something,” said any parent ever.  For most of us working and learning from home due to the pandemic, home space has become part of our #HomeLife and #WorkFromHome routine. Online classrooms need an organized and distinctive space especially for kids. They need to be comfortable so that they can adapt better with online learning. Then, they also can focus studying by doing so.  

Here, we’ve put together some ideas that will help you provide a space where your kids can focus better and enjoy their classes. Wall space provides a lot of space to build creativity, with bright and subtle colored walls helping to create a calm environment yet it also encourages creativity in the room. Instead of leaving the walls blank, you can create a scene with wallpaper to make it an interesting place to study. Check out this learning space in the two -story terrace house, Olive. Exploration themed wallpapers set the mood for your kids to learn in this bright and cozy space.


Wallpapers are an effective way to create scenery or patterns into a room and space. Turn the space into a learning corner with educational posters, motivational speeches or even information wall art.  This may give your children space to draw on their creative side as well by helping to organize their own learning corners. Do not put distracting materials! If they have an idol that can create positive thinking for them, implement the idol by the pictures or their popular slogan. 

Having An Organized Space For Everything.

 A cluttered study space can stimulate our minds, making it difficult to concentrate, especially when we spend hours studying in front of electronic devices. We don’t need distractions, okay? Dedicate the space to arts and crafts or even arranging a simple reading corner in the room. The kids would appreciate it. Their mind can focus better. It can encourage their imagination and creativity. If you happen to have a bedroom in the two-story terrace residence try to put the table across the windows for extra lighting or scenery. This is good for your teenage kids as they have longer online class sessions. Through a bright and cozy space in the corner of the room. With lots of natural light coming in from the large windows, this sets your child’s mood in exploring their creative side. There are lots of houses in Pandan Indah that are structured this way. 

Remember, decorate their study space to fit a child’s needs, not yours. The study room does not have to be formal and boring because it can cause stress to the kids. All children spend more time doing things that interest them and make them happy. That matters the most. Try the ideas suggested above and it can definitely help improve your child’s mood to study at home.

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