Drainage Systems: Main Types And Features

The main purpose of the drainage system is to protect the foundation and blind area from moisture and to drain it into the drainage system. The gutter also fulfils an aesthetic function, the correct colour and design of the gutter can decorate the facade of the building, blending into the architectural ensemble.

The advantages of this system include the following properties:

  • Light weight, it is much lighter than any kind of metal;
  • Absolutely not subject to corrosion;
  • Ease of assembly, because are lightweight and can be easily cut to size, do not require special sealants and adhesives when assembling joints;
  • When it rains, they do not make as much noise as metal ones;

Cheap enough.

The disadvantage is the change in linear dimensions at different temperatures; in the warm season, the linear dimensions of the gutters are larger compared to the cold months. Over the course of the year, gutters change their size and this can adversely affect the tightness of the joints. In the places where the gutters and pipes are connected, the manufacturer has provided marks, focusing on which the installers can correctly choose the length of the gutter. 

Drainage systems Grand Line

Metal gutters Grand Line are made of cold-rolled hot-dip galvanised steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm. All elements of the system have a polyurethane coating inside and out, which, in addition to galvanised metal, creates excellent corrosion resistance. The polyurethane coating improves the resistance of the gutter system to chemicals and reduces noise during precipitation and does not fade in the sun. A wide colour palette allows you to easily find the right colour. The design of gutters and connecting elements, due to rubber seals, ensures absolute tightness of the joints. The drains of the gutter repair Malaysia have a good price-quality ratio and therefore are in great demand.

Drainage systems RGS

When connecting the elements of the gutter, the manufacturer has provided special guiding elements that allow you to make the connection more efficiently and evenly. The joints use rubber seals without the use of sealants. The all-metal gutter hook has an additional stiffening rib and has a large margin of safety. The gutter corner joints are made without a welded seam, which excludes the possibility of leakage. 

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