Customise Your Sign Board

Customise Your Sign Board

Today, I am going to write about customising your signboard based on the above picture as an signboard malaysia example. Alright, the above picture looks like a custom made signage and also like an information board for your brand. As you can see from the board, it shows a variety of use of board size, font, font size, colours, symbol and aligns. They basically put everything under one board so that it could be easier to refer and get the information. Without making it too boring like a business signage, they also use the variation that I have mentioned before. This is how you customise the board and the picture above is one of a good example of a customised signboard. You can consider using social media as well to marker your business. It is also part of the marketing strategies.

How To Get A Customized Signboard

Firstly, you need to arrange the information you want to include in your signboard. If you see the picture above, it starts with the organisation name followed greeting to make people feel welcomed to the place then followed by the contact, details of the service and their history. By putting the details, it makes easier for the visitor to make a visit. It will not be a hassle for anyone who is new to the city. On top of that, they included the chapel history to show their church participation. Anyone who is truly related to this will make an appearance in this place. It shows that this is the motive of their signboard.

Moreover, the size of the board is appropriate hence the wording is looking nice and not crowded which means easy to perceive the information too. They also align the wording properly step by step to make us read by following the flow of the sentences. The font sizes from bigger to smaller, it will make readers or viewers to catch the important information and leave the rest.

Next, the contrast colour whiteboard with green and red wording creates the balance contraction in the board. A few symbols to indicate the person who establishment of the place and to which country this place belongs to. The journey of the signage might be quite a lot for some of you, but trust me, signage will give a fruitful benefit by just putting them up in front of your workplace.

Lastly, signage is an essential thing to an organisation, company and business because they provide you free marketing and your information must be accurate so that they customers who are seeking for your product and service should not feel cheated.

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