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The internet makes the world a better place to live, but the decisions made today will shape the landscape online and how we all use it for decades.

Since its inception, unifi 300mbps had a unique platform for innovation, creativity and economic opportunity. The Internet has improved the quality of life for people in all parts of the world and can continue to do so.

The two billion mark is crossed

After passing the 2 billion user mark, the Internet continues to prove how essential this communication tool is. The United Nations recently suggested that Internet access should be a human right.

Access for all

There is currently a lot of talk about network neutrality and open access. From a technical standpoint, that means an internet that has no idea what is being transmitted – no matter if it’s a gigantic database of files or a little video of your family vacation. that you might want to post on YouTube. In short, it is a neutral architecture that is open to every conceivable type of application that could be developed across the world. But for many of us, network neutrality is about our rights as internet users so that we can innovate with only technical protocols. It also means being able to establish a reliable and inexpensive internet connection so that you can, for example:

  • express your ideas as you wish
  • write a blog, post a video on YouTube, call family on Skype
  • stay connected to your culture, family and friends
  • finish work at home (and get it back on time)
  • tell your own stories, no matter who you are, how much you earn, where you live, or what you believe in

According to the United States-based National Telecommunications and Information Association (NTIA), 5% to 10% of Americans do not have access to an Internet connection fast enough to be able to perform basic functions. Yet 77% of Fortune 500 companies accept job applications only online. This affects the possibilities of obtaining information, training and being hired.

Unifi 300mbs

Shaping the future of the Internet

The time fibre helps ensure that people who use the Internet continue to be convinced of its success. Policies will determine if the situation will stay that way or if the user will lose control in favor of the network owners. They imagine a future wherein individuals around the globe can utilize the Internet to improve their personal satisfaction. Norms, advances, strategic approaches and public arrangements can uphold an open and generally open stage for development, inventiveness and monetary freedom.

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