Benefits of Settling in Kuala Lumpur!

Ah, Kuala Lumpur, the shining metropolis that is the capital of Malaysia. It’s the place to be!

Kuala Lumpur serves as the main business hub of Malaysia, it is the centre of all industries like entertainment, business, finance and art.

All major companies and institutions will set up base in the areas within and around Kuala Lumpur.

Most people in Malaysia live and work in Kuala Lumpur, making it the most populated city in the country.

That being said here are the benefits of living in Kuala Lumpur.

Glorious Food!

Like the rest of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has an abundance of delicious cuisine! From small hawker stalls to big fine-dining restaurants, Kuala Lumpur is truly a foodie paradise!

And it’s not just Malaysian food too, being an international city full of other nationalities as well, Kuala Lumpur I also home to cuisine from around the world, from Korean to Japanese, Western to MiddleEaster food, you will be sure to find something in KL to feast on!

It’s Cheap!

The prices here in Malaysia are great! It is very affordable, you can literally live off eating out and it won’t make a dent in your wallet! (But it does depend on what you eat though).

You can get a full plate of fried rice for as cheap as RM4.00! Housing is pretty cheap too if you are an expat, the rental prices are pretty good for those looking to rent a place in the city. Some option you can consider is Verve Suites, Marc Residence, Seni Mont Kiara & Oug Parklane


It is no doubt that Kuala Lumpur is a big shopping hotspot! From premium shopping malls, that sell branded items, too big old markets selling items at a low price! It would be very difficult to miss out on the shopping in KL.

If you’re worried that you will miss things from back home if you are an expat, don’t worry! There are newer supermarkets like Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer which import items from the UK, Australia, Japan and others!

Good Infrastructure

Like many other major cities in Malaysia, the infrastructure of Kuala Lumpur is of quality standard and is only improving for the future.

The roads in and out of Kuala Lumpur are easy to navigate through and there all train links in the country will lead into the city.


Malaysia has no cold bitter winters, its tropical weather all year round with some occasional rain showers in the evening.

Sure it can get pretty hot and humid, but not as hot as the MiddleEast, let’s just say you can still wear jeans and still be comfortable most days.

Property Ownership

Foreigners can purchase a number of properties over 500,000 Ringgit as they are able to obtain loans from local financial firms.


Kuala Lumpur offers a variety of venues to entertain city-goers on the weekends. You can head to the many bars that offer live music, clubs pumping out sick beats, movie theatres showing the latest blockbusters etc.

Many big artists will usually go to Kuala Lumpur to perform shows, the city is also home to many very talented local acts as well!

The nightlife in Kuala Lumpur is also pretty cool, with areas like Bukit Bintang being the centre of the nightlife scene.


All major international schools and universities are located in and around Kuala Lumpur. Universities like Univesity of Malaya are situated in the city. This makes KL a good university destination as well!


Most Malaysian people are friendly and create great communities and most people here can speak good English, so expats don’t have to worry about language barriers, although it would be great if you could learn some phrases, Malaysian will be impressed that you put in some effort to learn their language.


And those were some reasons why Kuala Lumpur is a great place to live and settle down for a while! Even if you don’t intend on living here, you can always visit this wonderful city and the country it is in, and create an adventure of a lifetime for yourself!

But be sure to acquire the proper visas and documents if you are to settle and work here. And be wary of the laws in the country so that you don’t get yourself into a spot of trouble!

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