3 Fun Things To Do At Home If You Live Alone

Leaving the family home can be pretty bittersweet. For one, you’re finally growing up and seeking your own independence, to pursue the life of adulthood that awaits – two, however; you’re also leaving the house that you had grown up in all of your life. This was where you spent your childhood, this is where some of your happiest and cringiest memories of adolescence were made. It’s pretty sad to grow up and eventually leave it all behind – but on a more positive note? Freedom!! 

Whether you’re living in Batu Caves or a house for rent in Dutamas or a Gombak apartment for rent, living alone can be one of the scariest and most liberating feelings in the world. There’s nothing wrong living with others, of course; but living alone comes with additional perks of privacy and personalization, where you can do whatever you want without fear of disturbing others or risking their judgment. This is a place that is completely, wholly yours (…and your landlord’s, I guess; if you’re renting-), where you can do whatever you want in complete security. And sometimes, with that liberating freedom comes great fun! 

So if you’re living alone, here are 3 fun things you can do at home! 

1. Dye Your Own Hair

DIY hair dying can be a major success or a horrible mistake. There’s only one real way to know which way it’ll turn out, though – try it yourself! (be very careful if you’re handling bleach, though!) 

For those who live alone, especially in the long stretches of quarantine where you’re likely not going to see anyone super important face-to-face, this can be the perfect opportunity to try out some DIY hair-dying. After all, even if you mess up and end up ruining your hair, who’s going to know? Regardless, DIY hair-dying can be an incredibly fun learning experience for those who want to manage their own hair – and who knows? In the future, your hair-dying skills may end up much better! 

2. Built A Pillow Fort 

Sure, pillow forts are usually associated with little kids playing make-believe – but who’s to say you can’t make one for yourself, too? 

A pillow fort can be one of the coziest structures known to man. It’s usually built out of any cushion you can find in your home – whether this means the throw pillows or your bed pillows or even a couch that’s been disassembled for this purpose. You can prop the pillows around a fluffy-carpeted floor to make walls, and then drape a blanket around the whole thing for a comfortable (albeit sagging) roof. Then you can take in a warm night light, a good book, and some snacks, and then just enjoy the comfort of pillows and cushions all around you as you relax. There’s simply nothing more comfortable than to experience the wonders of pillow forts yourself! 

3. Sing Karaoke 

Not all of us can afford karaoke machines, I know – but who says that you need one? 

If you live alone, a simple karaoke set-up can do the trick just fine. You don’t even need a microphone so much as you just need enthusiasm – you can put your laptop in the coffee table of your living room, crank up the volume to full, and blast karaoke versions of your favorite songs from YouTube; belting out the lyrics as you do. You might need to be somewhat quiet for the sake of your neighbors, but if you live alone, a lot less reservations are off compared to if you are sharing the home with someone else. No one’s around to judge your singing voice or ask you what you’re doing – you’re free to sing loudly to the lyrics and groove to your favorite songs, so long as you don’t accidentally end up bothering your neighbors! 

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